ask—0096 replied to your post “—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜â—˜”


YES!!!  Criminal Minds is so hella awesome, that love that show so much!


Anonymous said: The person who made the post included two posts dealing with gender which are in fact serious. The birth control th ing. There's nothinf wrong with saying people who can get pregnant. Also, the bigender thing. That's not insane. The creator of the post mocks trans people and sexualities and is in fact a cismale lol

what post is this i dont remember it i haven’t been on this blog in two weeks

Anonymous said: OOH I get it now, thank you for clearing that up uou I got really concerned because I DO recognise the word sex as gender and I thought you were saying "people get upset that you can't use their anatomy as their gender" but I was just confused aaahh

I’m sorry I couldn’t be clearer so you understood the first time around

foervraengd said: the misconception behind that word is because not everyone has english as main language. Thus many languages have two separate words for sex(genitalia stuff) and sex (intercourse). Whereas "sex" in most countries that aren't english speaking, refers to the act of intercourse. I didn't know sex also meant your biological gender until like three-four years ago.

Yeah I understand that but I’ve seen several people get offended over the use of sex in reference to someone’s biological sex or congratulate someone on using “anatomy” in place of “sex” even though in that context they mean exactly the same thing. I understand that english as a second language can explain ignorance, but still I somewhat doubt that’s the case with all of these people.

Anonymous said: yeah that one I just?? It doesn't make any sense and in the tag (I can't quote it bc I'm on mobile ug) something abou t 'genitals you have not the genitals you like' or something and I am?????? I really need help understanding what you're saying because I know plenty of people who could and would go apeshit about something like th at

OH WELL there are multiple parties whom I have seen who seem to think that “sex” refers exclusively to the act of sex, and then by extension when used in context along with someones biological attachments between the legs it still refers to the act of sexual intercourse. I think. I dont know I’m not sure but that’s what I assume because a lot of people think that sex in that context is queer/transphobic

Anonymous said: Last post on this blog? Before my last ask hh

"So I’ve seen a lot of people who are going off about how you can’t refer to someone’s anatomy as their sex and I just?????"

this one? If so what do you think I misworded about it?

Anonymous said: woah woah woah you seriously need to rephrase that post because? I don't think you're saying what you think you're saying and I'm really confused

Waaait which post

i’ll be honest I probably misworded it but please clarify

So I’ve seen a lot of people who are going off about how you can’t refer to someone’s anatomy as their sex and I just?????



Tumblr insanity hall of fame.

Oh my god some people on this website are fucking crazy.

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You will not regret pressing play

you really will not regret pressing play

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